Can you even believe we’re at the end of yet another week and almost another MONTH?


Yup Sizzling Sexy September is will be all over next Friday.


After being struck with the lurgy and kinda falling off the wagon, this month hasn’t gone EXACTLY how I planned but I’m ON it now and that’s all that matters.


So how’s it been working out for YOU…


Did you get back on after the kids went back to school?



Did you take advantage of my Sizzling Sexy workout?



Do you feel SEXIER?!



If you’ve been giving this month you’re EVERY effort then I’ve no doubt your confidence has felt a BOOST and you’re definitely feeling those sexy vibes.


If you haven’t and you’ve not quite found those vibes yet, don’t worry.


‘Operation October’ is coming up – a whole new month and FOUR spanking new weeks to propel yourself FORWARD.


The Great News:
You’ll still have full access to my 10 min ‘Sizzling Sexy September’ workout.


Just head over and subscribe to my Youtube channel @ Lee Donald Personal Training for EASY access.


And if you’ve not done it yet then


HELLOOOOO what are you waiting for?



The Even Better News:


I have something 10 times MORE exciting and even MORE motivating lined up to help you kickstart October.


Something that I promised in Monday’s blog would make it as QUICK and SIMPLE to hit your goals as possible.


Want to know what it is?





Lee ‘pumped for next week already’ Donald x



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