Hands up if you’re a BUSY person with little time on your hands!!


(I bet there’s ALOT of people with their hands up right now).


As a fitness professional who single handedly runs here own business and a new mum,


I KNOW how precious time can be and also know how important it is to feel healthy and happy.


So, I’m excited to say I have a solution for all those busy people out there who just want to feel GOOD about themselves.


I’ve made having the TIME to lose weight, tone up and feel fitter, healthier and happier the EASIEST it can possibly be!!


Ladies and Gents for the LAST time in 2016,


The MAX Experience doors are now officially OPEN.


So WHAT am I talking about?


WHY do you not want to miss out?


And HOW can it help change your life?


Let’s cut to the chase and firstly tell you how much it COSTS.


I HATE those salesy blogs where they give you a LONG, boring spiel about how great their product is then tell you it’s £500 at the end.


Relax – this is NOT one of those.


The MAX Experience is only £19.99 per month.


A bargain? Expensive? Not sure if you can afford it?


Let me tell you EXACTLY what you get for your £19.99 and you can make your OWN mind up.


1. Full Access to 74 (and counting) 10min HIIT Home Workouts.


I add new content MONTHLY.


No gym? No Problem.


ALL workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home.


With each workout being only 10 mins, even the BUSIEST of people can squeeze a workout into their day.


2. Warm Up / Stretching videos so you know exactly what to do.


Warming up and stretching are both as EQUALLY as important as exercise so I want to make sure you KNOW how to do this effectively.


Press play and I’ll do it with you.


3. 8 different workout categories including a ‘Beginners’ section.


These all involve a VARIETY of exercises and work to rest ratios to CHALLENGE you, give you the BEST results possible and more importantly make sure you NEVER get bored.


Expect to find MAX 20, MAX 30, MAX 40, MAX 50, MAX Beginners, MAX Bodyweight, MAX Kettlebells and a new category called MAX Low Impact.


I’ll be adding NEW categories soon.


4 Private FB group for motivation & support.


It’s soooo important to have a SUPPORT network therefore I make a point of posting in our group regularly and encourage others to get involved.


And if you have ANY questions – I’m there!


5 Your Very Own Personal Trainer on Hand.


I want this to be the BEST Experience possible for you so I ‘custom make’ videos upon request.


Tell me your fave exercises, the specific areas you want to build strength or focus on and I’ll deliver.


6. £15 off a Personalized 6 Week Nutrition Plan (MAX Experience PLUS).


The MAX Experience PLUS gives you full access to all videos but as an added bonus you also get £15 off a 6 Week Nutrition Plan.


You can train till the cows come home but you’ll NEVER be able to out train a bad diet and that’s where I’m here to help.


All plans are fully customized, flexible, easy to follow and TASTY.


7. No Contract, No small print, No fuss you can cancel any time.


I created this membership area as one I would like to be part of and I hate contracts so…


There IS none!


As soon as you hit the cancel button – that’s it – simples.


All this for the price of one bottle of vodka a MONTH – pretty cool, eh?


And just so you know the kind of workouts you can expect.


Just click below for a FREE Taster:



I’ve made each and EVERY body sculpting workout only 10 mins.


So you can do 1, 2 or even 3 depending on how much time you have because it’s important for fitness to work around your lifestyle.


This really is a LIFE changing experience and I’d love you to be part of but…


You’ll need to be QUICK.


The MAX Experience doors are only open until FRIDAY and there’s only room for 20 people to walk through.


It works on a 1st come 1st served basis so if you want to take ACTION and be one of those 20 people – let’s get that ball rolling today.


Action Takers click here:



And if all THAT isn’t exciting enough for you,


Stay tuned to Wednesday’s blog as I’ll be giving you a SNEAKY PEAK behind the scenes!

Lee ‘helping busy people live better lives’ Donald x



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