Just a little heads up…


After The MAX Experience doors opened on Monday,


People got EXCITED and started walking through which means there’s now LESS than 20 places up for available and I can’t guarantee how long they’ll last.


If you want to grab yourself a piece of that happy pie,


Grab it here:



If you MISSED what all the fuss is about,


Find out here:



And if you just want SEE what it’s all about,


Have a little look at this SNEAKY PEEK, behind the scenes video



And THAT is why busy people who want results have grabbed this opportunity!


This may be the BIGGEST game changer of your life.


It may be the SOLUTION you’ve been waiting for.


It may be the KEY to your happiness.


However, I’m not here to BS you.


It may not.


If you want results or want to make ANY kind of positive change you need to WANT it.


And more importantly (like anything) you need to be willing to put in the EFFORT.


If you’re not ready to make changes OR put in the effort then I’ll tell you straight up – this is NOT for you.


But if you’re EXCITED to lose weight, tone up, feel fitter and happier all without stepping foot in a gym AND having more time on your hands,


You won’t be disappointed.


Click here to get started:




Lee ‘lets do this’ Donald x



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