Are you STILL busy?

Are you STILL struggling to find time to workout?

Are you STILL not feeling the best you could?


Sooo many people will answer yes, yes yes to these questions and if that’s you then don’t worry because I have some GOOD news.


I can totally help you but the BAD news is, if you don’t act FAST then you may lose out as you now only have ONE day left to join The MAX Experience.


The MAX Experience is seriously changing BUSY people’s lives, giving them more time, more energy, more confidence and ALL without stepping foot in a gym.


Here’s how it’s helped MAX Member Sarah:




‘My weight’s always fluctuated and I came to the decision that I really HAD to do something to get fit and toned and keep it that way.


With the combination of Lee’s enthusiasm and motivation, The MAX Experience workouts as well as The BodyMax Network fitness classes and support among a group of fabulous ladies, it’s really coming together.


These pictures are from March – August and in that time I’ve lost 15 Inches.


4 inches off my hips, 2 inches off my waist, 3 inches off each thigh and 1 inch off each arm.


More importantly, I feel stronger and more toned and can push harder through the workouts / classes.


And the best part is that I enjoy them too!


Thanks for keeping me inspired to keep pushing myself, Lee!’


If you’d like a FREE taster and want more info on what The MAX Experience is all about,


Click here:


Want a SNEAKY PEAK inside?



And yes,


I’ve been blogging more than NORMAL the last 7 days but that’s just because I don’t want you to miss out.


Doors close TOMORROW at midnight and they won’t open again till next YEAR!


If you’re fed of complaining about how you look and feel and want the opportunity to DO something about it…


It doesn’t get better than this.


Time to lose weight, get in shape and feel GREAT.


And here’s how:

Lee ‘no regrets’ Donald x



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