Just a little heads up there’s ALOT of people taking ACTION this April who want to make positive changes to their life.


The MAX Experience is already over HALF way full!!


If you want a piece of that HAPPY pie it’s time to get your skates on : )


You only have til Friday to ‘get in there’.




If you’re still thinking about it, have a look at this sneaky peek : )



Pretty cool, eh?


An awesome and expanding selection of short, easy to follow workouts, warm ups/stretching right at your fingers tips.


No gym, no contract, no problem, no fuss.


If you jump on board and decide for some crazy reason it’s not for you simply hit the CANCEL button in your account.


This may be the BIGGEST game changer of your life.


It may be the SOLUTION you’ve been waiting for.


It may be the KEY to your happiness.


However, I’m not here to BS you…


It may not.


This type of training (although super efficient and effective) may not be ‘your thing’.

But hey, for £19.99 – I’ll leave it up to you to decide if it’s worth a try.

Lee ‘putting the ball in your court’ Donald x



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