How’s February working out for you?


Getting closer to where you want to be?




Has the post New Year motivation worn off already?


Either way,


We’ve officially entered ‘Feel Good Feb’ and I’m here to help you sprinkle some positivity with a cheeky little workout today.


Aaaand 4 super simple mini challenges coming to you Monday!


If you want to finally own a flatter, sexier stomach, kiss goodbye to those wobbly bits, wake up with energy and simply experience AMAZING results…


Without stepping foot in a gym or enduring a crazy diet!


Then get excited because this workout and mini challenges are going to give you a serious amount of bang for your buck.


It’s 100% FREE and to be honest, you’d be a little crazy to miss it.


Sounds AMAZING Lee and just what I need – what do I do next?


1. Set aside 10-20mins.


2. Put your trainers.


3. Press play on the video below and get started.


4. Sign up for FREE to The LDPT Network @ and stay tuned to your inbox Monday @ 7am.


How often should I do this workout?


For best results 3x a week.


But hey, 1-2x a week is better than none!!


*** Your Workout ***


Press play and do workout once = 1 Round.


Aim for 2-4 Rounds.


Dependent on your fitness level and time available.




Step (if you have one but not essential).


I’ve timed it all for you and will be right there getting a sweat on with you.


Simply press play and GO!



Last question – You in?


Lee ‘making Feb fab’ Donald x



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