And helloooo ‘Feel Good’ Feb.


With January and all the festivities firmly behind us it’s time to move on, start afresh and really begin to look great and feel fabulous this year!


If you’ve been struggling to shift those festive pounds and want to know what most women do…


“How can I lose weight & tone up in the FASTEST time possible?”


Let me introduce High Intensity Interval Training.


What it is.


Why you should be doing it.


And how The MAX Experience (my award winning online fitness hub) can change your life using this forever.


It’s been the BUZZ word for quite a few years now but…


What exactly is high intensity interval training (HIIT)?


In a nutshell, HIIT workouts are based around short bursts of very intense activity, alternating with periods of less strenuous activity or complete rest.


Ok thanks Lee but WHY is this so amazing?


Good question, here’s my top 5 reasons:


1. Fantastic For Busy People


Let’s face it, who’s NOT busy these days?


Squeeze it in before work, during your lunch break, while the kids are sleeping or before dinner.


Getting results in as little as 10 mins = Winner.


2. Burns More Fat


Not only do you burn more calories during a HIIT workout but the effect of all that intense exertion kicks your body’s repair cycle into overdrive.


Cue the afterburn (aka EPOC) effect meaning you can burn calories up to 24 hours after you take your sweaty socks off.


3. You Don’t Need A Gym


The key is to just get your body moving at maximum output.


Anything to get your heart pumpin’ such as power lunges, high knees, fast feet or burpees will do the job.


Add a dumbell or kettlebell to the mix and you’ll crank your fatburning and body sculpting up even MORE.


4. You Can Do it Anywhere


At home, on holiday, the garden, park, friends house.


It’s super simple to adapt to whatever time or space constraints you have.


5. It’s Challenging = Not Boring


High Intensity workouts are NOT something you can do while reading a magazine or chatting to your friend.


10-20 mins is not long so if you want as much BANG for your buck as possible you need to put the effort in.


By the time you realize how much you’re sweating – boom – it’s over and your results are in the post.


This also makes it MUCH easier to get motivated for your workouts.




5 pretty AWESOME reasons (if you haven’t already) to introduce some HIIT workouts in to your life.


However, losing weight & toning up is not just about quick and effective workouts.


It very much depends on your diet and CALORIES you consume.


I know this is an area many women struggle with which is exactly why I created The MAX Experience.


From a fantastic variety of 10min HIIT workouts, recipes, meal plan ideas, private Facebook group, educational videos, accountability, incredible support to so much more.


The MAX Experience has got you covered.


There’s literally everything you need under one roof and right at your fingertips!


The downside?


You’ll likely need to buy new clothes like MAX Member Vikki here.


She joined The MAX Experience a size 18 and is now a 14 and shrinking : )



‘Wow sounds amazing Lee and exactly what I need’.


How much does it cost?


£19.99 p/m (no contract / you can cancel anytime)


Yup for 65p a day you can learn how to drop dress sizes and get AMAZING results just like Vikki and all the other women in the group.


Sign me up Lee:

If you’ve got any questions, just get in touch.


Lee ‘helping women lose fat & feel fabulous’ Donald x



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