The last week of January.


How on earth did we get here so QUICKLY?!!


How’s 2019 working out for you?


Made any progress yet?


Having been struck down by some badass flu forcing me to spend the last 6 days laying horizontal, I have to say…


My goals aren’t going quite as I imagined this past week


But hey, that’s life!!


Sometimes it throws curve balls and it all goes Pete Tong but it’s how you CHOOSE to deal with those balls that count.


Let them knock you down, or grab ’em and throw them right back.


Personally, I’ve always been a ‘thrower’.


If you’ve been struck down by the lurgy too, here’s my little secret to staying positive (and sane!)


Getting angry and frustrated is totally normal, however this causes STRESS.


Stress has a serious NEGATIVE effect on your immune system (not to mention mental state).


Your immune system is responsible for keeping you HEALTHY, so you really want that badboy firing on all cylinders.


So HOW do you stop getting angry and frustrated when you’re sick?


1. Realise that sometimes sh*t just happens.


Accept it and let it go.


2. Don’t stress over the things you CAN’T control.


All this does is make you miserable, let it go.


3. Know the world doesn’t end when you can’t work out.


True story, let it go.


4. Understand rest is EQUALLY as important as exercise.


You get one body and one mind, take care of them.


5. Create a plan of action.


This is sooo important and write it down if you can.


It doesn’t matter how sick you are, if you have a plan of action you KNOW as soon as you feel better…


You’ll be right on track!


So if you’re like me and your January isn’t working out quite how you wanted it.


Time to let the negativity go, make a plan and move forward to kicking some feel good February butt.


Have an amazing week.


Lee ‘throwing all the flu shaped balls back’ Donald x



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