Here we go!!


Woohoo, one of the BIGGEST ease of restrictions to date.


Are you excited?

Are you anxious?


However you feel, one thing’s for sure.


Having more freedom means, life’s about to get whole lot BUSIER.


We’ve kinda gone from being forced to ‘hide in our homes’ to BOOM there you go.


While that’s exciting, it can also be abit stressful.


Especially if you’re a parent.


If you’ve gone from furlough back to the office working a 9-5.


If you’ve simply adapted to (an perhaps enjoyed) a slower pace of life.


So, how do you prevent your stress levels from going through the roof.


Firstly, remind yourself:


It’s OK if you can’t do everything.


It’s OK if you need to take a break.


It’s OK to ask for help.


It’s OK if you don’t go out and do stuff just because you can.


It’s OK if you still spend alot of time in your pyjamas.


It’s OK if you don’t feel OK!


Doesn’t matter who you are.


That transition from staying at home for so long, not seeing many people, not having that human touch.


To being able to go out into the world, go on holiday, spend more time with more people, go inside houses and give hugs (despite all being positive), is going to take a little time to mentally adapt.


So here’s my Top 10 Tips to help you prepare for that transition, prevent added stress and protect your mental health.


1. Make yourself a priority.


Nobody will do this for you.

How happy you feel in yourself will affect every other aspect of your life.


2. Keep doing the best you can each day.


This is all you can ever do.

Do your best and forget the rest.


3. Keep telling yourself – ‘you can’.


Mindset is everything.

Whether you think you can or can’t you’ll be right either way.


4. Keep connected with those you love and lift you up.


Positivity is infectious.

Even the strongest, most successful people still need a support network.


5. Walk daily & workout often.


The most important thing we can do to improve our physical & mental health.

This should be a non-negotiable.


6. Start making lists and prioritising.


Writing things down = more likely to get it done.

Prioritising = most important things done 1st.


7. Focus on what you CAN control.


Focus on what you can control and let go of what you can’t.

Learning to do this is not easy but highly empowering.


8. Stay away from negativity and drama.


Life’s too short for bullsh*t.


9. Stop comparing yourself to others.


This the fastest way to lose your happiness.

Your chapter 1 is not the same as someone else’s chapter 10.


10. Focus on the positives.


A negative mind will never lead a positive life.

Your mental health is wealth.


Hope you found today’s blog helpful.


If you did, I’d love to hear which number(s) you can most relate to.


And hey, feel free to share these tips with any friends/family who may need to hear this today : )


Lee ‘excited for her 1st fitness class of 2021 tonight’ Donald x


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