Go on….hands up.


Who over indulged this Valentine’s weekend?


Just incase you wondered YES my hand is up too (shocking I know).


Grey Goose, pizza, mozza sticks, Curly Wurly and Haribo – it was pretty wild lol.



May I say that all of these these flavours are super smooth, dangerously delicious and I may or may not have consumed them all at once….after my beer.



Guiltee!! (aaand a lightweight).


Anyway, let’s be honest….’falling off the wagon’ happens.


You get a little carried away.


You guzzle on things you know aren’t ‘goal friendly’ and before you before you know it.


*You feel BLOATED.


*You’ve got no ENERGY.


*Your clothes feel TIGHTER.


*You feel less CONFIDENT.


*You can’t be a*sed with WORK.


BOOM cue downward spiral and instant Mondayitis!!


Now don’t get me wrong,


I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy alcohol or non goal friendly food but.


And it’s a BIG but.


Moderation and balance is key.


If you have a ‘blowout’ EVERY weekend and you’re body, health or happiness is not where you want it to be.


You need break the cycle.


Otherwise you’ll always be that person who takes 1 step forward and 2 steps back.


While I overindulged on Saturday, I’d cycled 10km in the snow, ran 2km in the snow then ran around after the Bosses (my kids) all weekend.


I also put in abit of damage limitation.


Bought 4 small tasters of vodka mixed with sparkling water, ordered a small pizza, shared my mozza sticks, had a low cal chocolate (Curly Wurly) and 2 fun size bags of Haribos.


Today, I’m firmly back on that wagon, tracking my food and won’t be ‘over indulging’ again till my Birthday on 10th March!


Sure I like to have a couple vodkas or beers on a Saturday night and indulge abit but I don’t go crazy, don’t usually order pizza/takeaway and balance my calories out across the week.


There will ALWAYS be a ‘reason’ we think we ‘deserve’ to over indulge.


I’ve had a tough week, we’re in lockdown, it’s Karen’s birthday.


But if you truly want to better yourself.


To look good.


To feel good.


To have more energy, motivation and confidence.


To live the life you want.


Then it’s time to stop sugar coating things, stop believing your own excuses and wake tf up!


Because if nothing changes – nothing changes.


And hey,


Today is a new day, new week and perfect opportunity to pull yourself back on that fitness wagon.


To regain control and make sure no matter how fast or slow it may be.


The only way you’re moving is FORWARD!


Whether you go out for a walk or hit up a 10min workout – just get it done.


You’ll feel a million times better once you do.


Want to work out?

Struggling for ideas?


Check out this 10min, feel good, full body home workout.


Just grab your trainers, press play and let’s go : )



Time make ‘Feel Good Feb’ feel GOOOOOD!!


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If you’re fed up of saying the same thing week after week, month after month, year after year about how you’re going to change and what you’re going to make happen.


Now is the time to take action and do something about it.


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Lee ‘loves abit of Grey Goose’ Donald x



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