Wow – is it Monday already??


If you saw my social media at the weekend, you’ll have seen the Team & I swapped out workout wear for going ‘out out’ wear and had a super fun time at our 11th annual Christmas social event.


Did I drink too much then eat for Scotland the next day?




Yup, tis the season right?


From drinking alcohol, eating crap and socialising MORE.


To keeping hydrated, prioritising your health and exercising LESS.


This week we officially enter the most festive month of the year when everything gets 10x more exciting buuuut also super busy and stressful.


But don’t worry, I’m here to help you alleviate a BIG chunk of that stress.


There’s now only 3 days until Pre-Registration to The MAX Experience opens!!


Thanks for the fab pic Mum.

(10 points if you can guess where it was taken).


  • What is Pre-Registration Lee?
  • How can it help me?
  • Why should I be interested?


Here’s How it Works


The MAX Experience isn’t just about losing weight and getting fitter.


It’s about giving you the right kind of help & support to achieve life long, LASTING results.


Having more energy, confidence, enjoying exercise and feeling more motivated/committed are so important and something I’m excited to help everyone who jumps onboard experience.


It’s super simple.


✅ Pre-Register this Thursday @ 7.30pm

✅ Grab a whopping 50% OFF.

✅ Enjoy the festivities and get excited for a better, stronger, happier you in 2024!!


I’ll be in touch personally in January with everything you need to get started.


** Doors open for 7 days only.

** Limited availability.


Every year, places have SOLD OUT before I had the chance to close the doors.


Your next chance to pre-register will be December 2025!!


If you’d like a plan in place to jumpstart January and help you bounce back stronger than ever next year without having to diet or join a gym.


It doesn’t get better than this!


Just make sure you hit that sign up link before everyone else on my post this Thursday @ 7.30pm.


For VIP earlybird access, sign up for FREE to The LDPT Network at


3 DAYS!!


Lee ‘setting you up for success’ Donald x



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