don’t usually blog 2 days in a row but as you may know.


Pre-Registration to The MAX Experience kicked off last night and it’s only open for 7 days (now 6).


If you missed what it’s about – tap here


Anyway today,


I just wanted to share with you a FREE super fun & sweaty workout I previously did live in our private MAX Experience Facebook group.


It’s a full body Winter warmer, suitable for all levels…and the family!


Perfect right now, cause let’s face it – it’s baltic, lol.


13 exercises (inspired by Awesome August)

20sec work / 10secs rest

3 rounds

30secs rest between rounds.


The pre-post workout chat has been edited, so all you have to do is press play and enjoy : )





There’s LOADS of short, fun workouts to help you burn fat & sculpt your body without having to leave the house.




The MAX Experience is sooo much more than that.


It’s about helping women eat better, adopt healthier habits, become stronger, have more confidence, more energy and less stress.


To boost their mental health, help them think more positively, take control back and simply feel happier in themselves.


If you haven’t jumped onboard already,


If you’re fed up of saying the same thing every year about how you’re going change this and change that.


Buuuut you’re in exactly the same place as you were last year (be honest).


Is this you?


If so, I’d love to help you make this coming year different!


Simply take action, secure your place and claim 50% off before next Wednesday 8th December.


Lee ‘loves a live workout’ Donald x



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