Happy Sunday.


I hope you’re enjoying the 1st official festive w/e : )


If you’re like me and indulged in a mince pie or 3 (sorry not sorry) then this blog is definitely for you.


I NEVER blog on a Sunday unless I have some super important and exciting news so here goes.


Pre-Registration to The MAX Experience & MAX Experience Pre/post Natal officially opens tomorrow @ 7am.


What is that?

How does it work?

Why should I be interested?


Hit the relevant link below:


The MAX Experience


The MAX Experience Pre/Post Natal


Here’s what MAX Member Alana posted a few days ago.


Whether it’s losing 2.5 stone.


Or having the best pre/post natal support.


I’m so excited to help every woman who jumps onboard experience the same level of success.


But just a heads up.


I like to keep the service of what I deliver high which means there’s a limited number pre-registration places available.


If you’d like to secure a place.


To grab yourself a whopping 50% off and kickstart January with a plan in place to make 2020 a better year than ever….without having to join a gym.


Just make sure to stay tuned to my blog/social media and hit that sign up link tomorrow or before everybody else.


This crazy, early bird special offer will disappear on Sunday 8th December @ 7pm when pre-registration closes.


Last year, all places sold out before I had the chance to close the doors.


Lee ‘preparing to launch’ Donald x



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