Ever struggle with breakfast ideas?


What to eat for lunch, for dinner?


And not put on weight?


I know so many people struggle with their nutrition especially when it comes to weightloss.


Would it help if I shared a super tasty, easy to make, family friendly 1 day meal plan (breakfast, lunch and dinner) each week?


These 1 day meal plans would come to around 1000cals with a full breakdown (cals, protein, carbs, fat) of each meal so you know EXACTLY what you’re eating.


Perfect for women on a weightloss mission who like to enjoy their 3 meals and have the freedom to choose snacks too.


The recipes could be saved to your computer or printed to make your very own meal plan/recipe book.


They’d also be flexible, so if there’s anything you didn’t like you could simply switch it out.


And just to make life even easier,


They would all be pre-entered into MyFitnessPal.


Sounds pretty awesome, huh?


The Good News:


We have all this inside The MAX Experience & MAX Experience PrePost Natal.


Infact, we now have over 150 tasty, family friendly recipes which continue to grow every week.


You’ll also find lots of fun, safe & effective home workouts, educational videos to help you get started, a private Facebook group with a fantastic bunch of women and unlimited expert support.


Social events, free raffles, live Q&A’s, weekly check ins, plus so much more.


The Even Better News:


You can jump onboard, get full access and join us today for only £19.99 p/m.


No contract or fuss, you can cancel anytime.


The MAX Experience:


The MAX Experience Pre/Post Natal:




You can pre-register this Monday 2nd Dec, get a crazy 50% off and kickstart in January when you’re ready to bounce back after the festivities.


4 day to Launch!!


Ooo tell me more.


The MAX Experience (Pre-Registration):



The MAX Experience Pre/Post Natal (Pre-Registration):

Just to give you a little taster, here’s a super simple dinner idea.


Fab for those who are busy and want something quick and easy.


Don’t like pork?


Switch it for chicken.


Don’t want to add cider?


Switch it for water.


Not cooking for 4?


Bag some up for tomorrow’s lunch, throw it in the freezer or half the recipe.


You get my drift : )


Lee ‘loves keeping things simple’ Donald x



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