Wow – the LAST week of November is here.


If you thought life was busy now.


Wait till this w/e when December arrives and the festivities REALLY kick into first gear!!


There’s so much going on and I get it, it’s HARD trying to make time for yourself.


From juggling the kids, work, home life, Christmas shopping, sorting out the turkey, hitting up those festive parties.


Then before you know it.


BOOOM – hellooo reality.


January’s landed, kids back to school, many back to work and no more excuses.


Christmas – GONE.


New Year – GONE.


2020 firmly under your feet and feeling the consequences of your poor food/drink choices.


Cue PANIC and ‘uh oh – what have I done?!’


So what do you do:


Go on the latest fad diet?

Say you’ll never drink alcohol or eat chocolate again?

Tell yourself your going to workout EVERY day?


Sounds pretty stressful and a recipe for disaster to me!!


That’s exactly why I’m opening Pre-Registration for The MAX Experience & MAX Experience Pre/Post Natal on Mon 2nd Dec.




I’ll be there for you EVERY step of the way to help you shed those festive pounds, boost your confidence and bring sexy back.


I’ll also be making this process as easy, uncomplicated and enjoyable as possible.


You’ll have EVERYTHING you need right at your fingertips to get your body, fitness confidence and mindset on point in 2020.


Aaand you can save pennies with a whopping early bird 50% off at the same time.


You’ll NEVER have to workout for longer than 30mins.


NEVER never need to join a gym.


NEVER need to go on a ‘diet’ again.


OMG that sounds amazing Lee – How does it work?


It’s super simple.


Check it out ⬇️


Pre/Post Natal?


Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered too ⬇️


In the mean time, just incase you missed it.


Try focus on small, simple things that make a BIG difference.


** Keep your water intake up (2 litres min)


** Get off your butt and build your step count up


** Eat protein at each meal


** Pump in the veggies


** Don’t drink your calories (eg Gingerbread lattes, etc)


** Limit alcohol to once a week


** Say no or allow yourself to have ONE office ‘treat’


(keep as far as away from them and out of sight as poss)


** Make a to-do list each night for the next day


(extra motivation + less stress)


** Tell your friends, family your goals for accountability


Trust me, these may not seem much but from your waistline, energy to mood….they’ll make a HUGE impact.


7 Days To Launch.


Lee ‘helping you stress less and be your best’ Donald x



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