On a scale of 1-10 how’s your motivation today?

Whatever your number I imagine it’s MORE than mine was on Saturday morning!

Here’s a sneaky peak why:



Yuuup it may come as a shock but even PT’s have days when they can’t be bothered!!

Most people think we’re invisible, have endless energy and never have a ‘bad day’ well guess what…

We’re human just like YOU!


So WHAT made me drag my a** out of bed and put on my running shoes that day?

My lycra superhero suit?

My supply of magic pills?


Sadly it’s a little less exciting but I simply did not give my negative thoughts POWER!

Late to bed, crap night’s sleep, cat woke me up early, tired, big physical day the next day, legs not fresh from BodyMax Burn the night before and a big overall just can’t be ar*ed feeling.

The truth is,

NONE of my thoughts were FACTS.

I hadn’t broken my leg, I hadn’t had a heart attack (touch wood)…

They were just THOUGHTS.


Why do we always give ourselves excuses?

Why do we always give ourselves reasons NOT to do something instead of reasons TO do something?


With approx 70, 000 thoughts a day…

IMAGINE if you constantly fill your brain with NEGATIVE ones and you can understand why.

But hey, look at the flip side…

IMAGINE if you fill your brain with POSITIVE ones.

You may not have a shiny, sexy, lycra superhero suit or any magic pills but you DO posses this POWER!!

Sure it takes time to re-train the brain especially if you’re someone who’s constantly on that negativity train but it’s totally POSSIBLE.

So next time your motivation is running LOW…

Visualize yourself standing tall in your sexy lycra superhero suit,

fist pumping those magic pills to banish all negative thoughts in the air and in true He-Man style say to yourself ‘I…HAVE…THE…POWER!!’.


Failing that…


Pick yourself up (negative thoughts or not) DO what we need to do and just GET IT DONE!!!




Because ”Successful people do what they need to do whether they feel like it or not”.

Happy Motivational Monday : )


Lee ‘loves abit of lycra’ Donald x


I’m riding HIGH on that motivation scale today so if you’re needing some extra Va Va Voooom to get YOUR butt moving today…

Check out my BodyMax Blast fitness class (no lycra required)



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