How did you get on with the FREE, 20min home workout video I shared last week?


Hopefully you also now know, exactly how to ‘lose weight and tone up’.


If you missed it or are not sure, tap here.




I just wanted to share with you some MORE freebies.


This time in the form of 3 super tasty, high protein recipes.


Simple to make and perfect for all the family.


So here goes:



Full English Egg Muffins


Great if you’re looking for something abit different or more of a satisfying breaky at the weekend.




Red Lentil Chicken Soup


An awesome ‘Winter warmer’ and fab for heating up the next day at work or at home if you’re short on time.



Crunchy Chicken


Serve with a salad, potatoes or rice, alternatively straight up dunk into your fave sauce.


These are super versatile and can be eaten any time of day.



From the free workout to these recipes.


You can find them ALL plus sooo much more inside The MAX Experience.


Which has been helping women to lose weight, get in shape and feel happier in themselves without having to diet or join a gym since 2015!


With January almost over.


✅ If you still haven’t shifted that festive fluff.

✅ If your clothes still feel tight.

✅ If you still don’t feel happy looking in the mirror.

✅ If you still haven’t make any kind or real progress.


And if you’re still not quite sure HOW to do that and would like some help.


Come join me and an amazing group of women who are making small, simple changes yet already gaining some fantastic results this year!!


Tell Me More Lee


Lee ‘willing you to make 2024 a success’ Donald x



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