Today, I just wanted to reach out to all the women who have a goal of shifting some pounds to help them look better & feel better this year.


If that’s you, please keep reading!!


The reason so many people struggle to drop bodyfat is because they’re not in a calorie deficit.


Something I suspect you may have heard before.


If I said to you:


How many calories did you consume yesterday?


And you said, ‘I don’t know Lee’.


That’s exactly my point.


Trying to lose weight without having a clue how many calories you consume is like trying to drive at the speed limit without looking at the speedometer.


You don’t need to keep looking at that speedometer.


Sometimes you may be able to hit the right speed.


But if you want to know exactly how fast you’re going, then you need to look down.


So my first big tip would be:


✅ Track your calories for at least ONE week.



You don’t ‘have’ to track your calories to lose weight but it’s definitely something I’d suggest doing.


Because what gets measured, get’s managed.


And I’ll place a bet,


If you’ve never done this before it’ll be one HECK of an eye opener!!


Tracking your calories = Knowledge.


= More control

= More enjoyment

= Better food choices

= Better results


How do I calculate my calories Lee?


Use My FREE Calorie Calculator


Don’t just use MFP (this tends to give way lower calories than required).


Once you add your calories, you’ll then need to add your macros.


➡️ What are macros Lee?


Protein, carbs and fat that make up the calorific content of our food.


➡️ How do I calculate them?!


Don worry, my Calorie Calculator will do this for you.


Once you have your calories and macros, enter these into MyFitnessPal.


➡️ Should I opt for the paid version of MFP? – No

➡️ Should I connect my watch/exercise? – Absolutely No

➡️ Do I need to pay attention to everything MFP tells me? – No


Simply use it to track and stay inline with your calories and aim to hit your daily protein target.


(forget carbs/fat – just keep it simple).


Not sure how MFP works?


Have a play with it to get familiar or check out Youtube – there’s lots of tutorial videos.


If you’re fed up of dieting and not getting the results you want.


Trust me, do this for a couple weeks you’ll never look back.


And if you go over your daily calories, don’t stress.


WEEKLY calories are the most important so if you consume more at the weekend or certain days, just be sure to balance those ‘calorie books’ throughout the week.



Hopefully you find this useful.


If you do, and have any friends or family trying to lose weight right now – please share this to help and keep them informed.


But I get it.


Whilst the solution of losing weight is simple – create a calorie deficit.


The process of making that happen is alot more challenging!!


You need to address your habits, mindset and take action to make small changes.


That’s where having the right kind of support, guidance, motivation and accountability is essential in helping you get where you want to be.


If you’re not already part of the Team and would like help learning how to:


  • Lose weight and keep it off.
  • Spend less time getting better results.
  • Have more energy and less stress.
  • Feel more confident and happier in yourself.
  • Not look & feel how you do now, come Easter/Summer


ALL without giving up your fave foods and from the comfort of your own home.


That’s what my award winning, online coaching hub The MAX Experience has been helping women do since 2015!


Sounds Great – Tell Me More Lee


You’ll have me, plus an amazing community of women to support you, along with everything else you need right at your fingers tips to look great & feel amazing.


Not just this year….but for life!


Lee ‘helping you crack the weightloss code’ Donald x



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