So today is ‘National Chocolate Milkshake Day’ apparently.


Tomorrow is ‘Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day’ and Friday is ‘Apple Dumpling Day’ which is kinda crazy, huh.


Whilst these are all very important days that are recognized and celebrated (if you know they exist, lol), the EFFECT of that single day doesn’t seem to help make the world be a better place.


For example last Wednesday was ‘National Fitness Day’.


So sure,


For ONE day there was a fair amount of hype, posts and hashtags galore.


I even run a National Fitness Day ‘Fitness Selfie competition’ with my BodyMaxers (fitness class).


But guess what?


It’s now Monday and the excitement and motivation has DISAPPEARED as quickly as it landed.


REAL change and REAL results come from CONSISTENCY not just one day here and there.


Habits we build on a DAILY and WEEKLY basis.


* Like setting yourself daily / weekly / monthly GOALS.


* Wakening up and taking a drink of WATER.


* Drinking 2 litres of water EVERY day.


* Starting the day with a POSITIVE thought.


* Ending the day saying 3 things you’re GRATEFUL for.


* Eating protein with EVERY meal.


* Going to bed at the SAME time.


* Experimenting with NEW food.


* Walking 10,000 steps DAILY.


CONSISTENTLY carrying out these kind habits is definitely going to help get to closer to your goals.


Another great habit to have…


Is NEVER skipping a Monday workout.


Which is why EVERY Monday at BodyMax Blast, I help my ‘Blasters’ MAKE Monday count.


The best bit?


It only takes 30mins.


If you need help creating POSITIVE, new and HEALTHY habits then joining The BodyMax Network is a GREAT place to start!


Check out Gail who won my ‘National Fitness Day’ Selfie competition and also won her 1st EVER Master Blaster Pass this week.


(this is something awarded to people who earn it, earn 3 = FREE class)




‘When I started in Feb, the warm up did for me and winning the Master Blaster was but a dream.
My Heart rate took over an hour to return to normal.


Now my HR is down in 10-15 mins, I’ve lost 12lbs and won my first Master Blaster.


I’ve changed my diet gradually and am now ready to increase to HIIT x 2 per week. Love all the motivation, thank you Lee x’


If you’d like to experience amazing results and progress like Gail,


Here’s some more info:


But hey, whether you join in the BLAST action or not I just want to make sure you don’t miss out.




Have you planned a ‘MAKE it happen’ Monday workout yet?


If not check out my Youtube Channel @ Lee Donald Personal Training for your FREE ‘Sizzling Sexy September’ workout.


Go for a walk, run, swim, bike ride, get outside and play with the kids…


Just do something, ANYTHING especially if you plan on being patriotic and having a chocolate milkshake, lol.


Today is a day to be SEIZED and opportunities GRABBED because if you don’t…someone else will.


Make that someone YOU!


Lee ‘swapping milkshake for motivation’ Donald x


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