I hope you had a great w/e and enjoying the much missed warmth & sunshine.


Always makes you smile and feel good when the sun’s out.


You know what else gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling?


Fitting into your clothes better, gaining your confidence back and feeling stronger.


That’s exactly what happened to Lynne last week which I wanted to share to spread some feel good, bank holiday motivation and vibes.


Check it out:


‘Excited this morning!!!!


Just thought I’d share my news with you all and no I’m not pregnant although some days I used to think I look it.


Even better, I got into a new pair of trousers this morning that I bought 6 months ago when I realised I couldn’t get into normal size 16 work style trousers.


I’ve basically been living in stretchy style trousers but was feeling good after my training session last night and YEEEEESSSSSSS they fit like a glove!’


Lynne is part of The MAX Experience.


My award winning online health, fitness & nutrition hub helping busy women worldwide to lose weight, tone up, get fitter, eat better and feel happier without having to join a gym.


Here’s a little of what you can expect:


✅ Quick 10min home workouts

✅ Recipes with full calorie/macro breakdown

✅ Private Facebook group

✅ Live Q&A’s

✅ Weekly check ins

✅ Getting started/educational videos

✅ Unlimited support (from me personally)

✅ An awesome and super friendly community of women

✅ Plus much more


The MAX Experience has enabled Lynne to achieve life changing results from small, simple, manageable changes.


To never feel like she’s on a diet.


To know she has all the support she needs on her journey.


As well as given her extra time to do things she enjoys like spending time with her daughter.


If you’ve fallen off the wagon these holidays and need a little help getting back on it.


Come join Lynne, me and the rest of the Team and let’s get started:


Sign up here:


The cost?


£19.99 p/m (no contract, you can cancel any time)


If you’re ready to invest 65p a day into health & happiness.


Hit the sign up button and take the 1st step : )


Lee ‘loves seeing others succeed’ Donald x



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