Wowzers – what a crazy week.


If you’ve been following my blog or social media recently you’ll know something BIG is about to happen.


After over a year in the making, I’m not only launching The MAX Experience Pre/post Natal.


My exciting, new online health, fitness & nutrition hub for pre/post natal women.


I’ve got a super dooper ‘too good not to grab’ special offer coming up for all the non pre/post natal women.


Those who’d simply love to lose weight, get in shape & feel great without having to join a gym!


With the Summer holidays over and Christmas (yes I said it) holidays only around 12 weeks away.


NOW is the perfect time to be making your goals happen!!




With that being said.


Make sure you keep posted to my Facebook Page this Saturday 7th Sep.


Lee’s Facebook Page:


I’ll be going LIVE with the lovely Sarah from SM Fitness (pre/post natal specialist).


We’ll be revealing the official launch date of The MAX Experience P/P aaand that other BIG announcement.


In the meantime, here an AWESOME challenge for you.


Fantastic exercise for building the strength of your legs and most importantly – feet


It’s free, simple, can be done anywhere and literally no excuse for not giving it a go.


– Can you make the recommended 20-25?


–  If not, how many can you do?


– Is one foot/leg stronger than the other?


I’d love to hear your feedback.


I’m currently doing lots of these to help get my injured foot back on track so know they’re not as easy as they look.



Lee ‘exhausted but excited’ Donald x



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