Kids back to school, LAST week of Operation October and if you’ve not been SMASHING the pants off this month then NOW is a good time to focus get serious about it.


It’s also only 8 Weeks till the ‘big man’ comes and even LESS till those festive parties begin.


And hey,


Don’t we ALL want to look good when those parties come around?


If you missed my 8 top tips for keeping MOTIVATED and staying ON track last week – they’re a GREAT place start.


Here’s was Tip No.6


6. Clear Your Fridge / Cupboards of ENERGY Zapping, WAISTLINE Expanding, GOAL Sabotaging Crap.


Everything you consume has a direct EFFECT your energy, mood, focus, health and progress.


Now I also mentioned to stay tuned to today’s blog if you needed a little help with this.




If you’re nutrition is bang on POINT,


You’re experiencing SUCCESS,


Making PROGRESS and don’t need any help then feel free to stop reading.




If you’re someone who’s STRUGGLING to lose weight, wants to look your BEST but finds it HARD to make progress – keep reading.


Because it’s time to take CONTROL back my friend!


Yup it’s true – you CAN’T out train a bad diet.


Exercise is fantastic and ESSENTIAL for feeling sexy, toned and confident but that just ain’t gonna happen if you’re STUFFING your face with the wrong food.


How many times have you…


1. Been on a diet? – be honest.


2. Said ‘I’m going to lose weight’ and failed?


3. Got upset because just don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing?


4. Thought….next year will be different?


5. Said ‘DELETE’ because you look ‘fat’ in that picture?


Hands up I’m guilty of answering YES and TOO MANY to all those questions so I know EXACTLY what it feels like – SH*T!


So here’s something EXCITING and super simple.


There is only ONE Golden Rule to fatloss.


** If you consume LESS calories than you burn you lose weight **


That’s it.


You simply need to create some kind of CALORIE DEFICIT either by food, exercise or both.


Crazy diets, shakes, branded meals, pills, etc are NOT magical.


They literally just ensure you create some kind of DEFICIT so great you lose weight…


Eating under 1000 calories a day or replacing meals with pills/shakes it’s no wonder, but here’s the BIG problem.


* It teaches you NOTHING about healthy eating or portion size.


* How to have a HEALTHY relationship with food and allow you the opportunity to make GOOD food choices.


*How to actually eat NORMALLY and not feel RESTRICTED.


Nutrition is something SOOO many people struggle with and and THAT’S why I offer 6 Week Nutrition Plans.


To make losing weight and dropping a dress as SIMPLE as possible.


NO starving, NO stressing, NO fad diets just meals based around the foods you already enjoy.


So, how many calories SHOULD you be eating for fatloss?


And what about carbs and fat?


ALL this is calculated for you and put into an EASY to read menu of breakfast / lunch / dinner.


You’re also given snack options but have the freedom to essentially eat any snack you like.


As long as you don’t break the ‘Golden Rule’, you’ll continue to get RESULTS.


This is NOT a diet.


It’s aimed to help you establish and adopt healthier eating habits for the rest of your LIFE so you can kick those crappy diets to the curb FOREVER!


Here’s a little more info:


Aaaaand it gets BETTER.


For 2 weeks and 2 weeks ONLY


I have an AMAZING ‘Little Red Dress Special Offer’ for you.


(tis Christmas so lets make red the new black)


I really want to help you LOOK and FEEL your best for those parties so as of today I’ve dropped a whopping £20 OFF the usual price of a 6 Week Plan.


You can now pick up a fully personalized 6 Week Nutrition Plan for only £95.


Offer ends Sunday 6th November.


Given there’s 8 weeks till Christmas there couldn’t be a MORE perfect time.


Get more info and grab this awesome offer here:


If you’ve got any questions please feel free to get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.


Stay tuned to Thursday’s blog for a cheeky little recipe and TWO wicked workout challenges : )


Lee ‘making fatloss simple’ Donald x



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