A 6 pack.

Going on holiday.

Getting that promotion.

Hitting your goal weight.

Your kids growing up to be awesome people.


Everybody measures success DIFFERENTLY.


But one thing’s the SAME for every single person out there trying to achieve success.




Life can get super busy and OVERWHELMING at times.


As a mum with a 15 month old who runs her own business, trust me.


I hear ya.


But on that journey to success, don’t forget to MAKE time firstly for yourself and also for the ones you love.


We can get so focused on one part of our lives, we forget and NEGLECT others.


Personally it’s been a MASSIVE learning curve figuring out that work:life balance and to be honest it’s something I have to work at daily.


Sure I want to have a highly successful business and help as many people as I possibly can.




Success to me is doing all that WITHOUT sacrificing quality time with my family.


And happy to say, felt like I nailed it this w/e.


From a early run sat, full day with my daughter, out for lunch, couple voddies, seeing animals, hitting the park, having fun on the monkey bars, getting organised for our family holiday to prepping work stuff for the week ahead.


It just worked.


Moral of The Story?


1. Time is the most VALUABLE thing you can possibly own, choose how to spend it wisely.


2. Memories are priceless, NEVER be too busy to make them with your loved ones.


3. Find the right balance for YOU.


4. Putting TOO much focus chasing those abs, promotion or money can make other areas of your life suffer.


5. You’re never too old for monkey bars! : )



Have a great week.

Lee ‘big kid’ Donald x



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