I hope you’re having a great week.


I’ve pretty much recovered from my crazy Spartan adventures last Saturday!! lol.


If you missed my BIGGEST blonde moment to date and the juicy details:


Read it here:


One ‘Beast’ down – one to go this Saturday (Beast of Banchory).


Oooft – it’s all rather exciting.#


I’ve said it so many times before:


Events like these are such a FANTASTIC way to keep yourself motivated, active and train.


Especially now the darker evenings are coming in and motivation tends to FALL.


You don’t have to jump over fire, throw spears, drag yourself through mud, climb ropes, swim in cold lochs or run up steep heathery hills.


There’s LOTS of local 5kms and various other events alot less intense.


From being able to raise money for your favourite charity to finding something FUN to do with your friends.


You’ll be amazed at the BOOST and increase in your motivation.


If events really aren’t your thing and you just want a quick and easy tip to make sure you keep on top of your workouts


Press Play.


It doesn’t get easier than this : )



If you want even MORE motivation then make sure you don’t miss out on your fitness freebie and my ‘Sizzling September Special Offer’.


Until next Friday 28th September you’re welcome to come along and test drive any of my classes for FREE (yes free).


They run on a Mon, Wed & Fri evening in Aberdeen and guarantee are not like any other classes you’ve been to.


If you’d like more info just get in touch.


With the darker and colder days/evenings slowly creeping in, it’s my mission to help as many woman as possible…


Look great, feel FABULOUS and be the best version of themselves because life’s too short for anything less!!


If you don’t live in Aberdeen or not keen of fitness classes, stay tuned.


I’ve got something coming up for you guys too : )


Lee ‘preparing to tame the beast’ Donald x



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