HOW the chuff is this happening again?!!


Rewind 2 days to Saturday morning and this is exactly what I was thinking.


The w/e previous I’d travelled all the way to Perth @ 6am to compete in a 12-16km obstacle course race only to find out I’d had a ‘blonde moment’ and got the days wrong.


My race was the Sunday (I know!).


Long story short I ended up running a different race at the event and 21km later came 1st! lol.


Now….it was the Beast of Banchory and hands down my BIGGEST event of the year.


Each year I’ve taken part, I’ve set myself a pretty ridiculously hard goal and last Saturday was no different.


Top 18th fastest female (2015)


Top 8th (2016)


Top 5th (2017)


This year the goal was Top 3!!


The Beast Race takes place IN and around Knochburn Loch every year.


It’s an uphill, downhill, super muddy, intense 10km running event with around 30 challenging obstacles including freezing Lochs to help raise money for Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland.


Infact, I’d actually been looking forward to / dreading the event since last year.


After giving myself some accountability and announcing to ALL my social media followers what the plan was (Top 3), the day had finally arrived – gulp.


The feeling of excitement and healthy nerves soon turned into stress and PANIC.


Can’t believe this was happening!


Here’s the craziness that followed:



A gruelling 1 hour later, it was all over.


I knew once I’d crossed the finish line I hadn’t hit Top 3 but WHAT a race!!


That evening while out celebrating with Team LDPT (4 members who also took part) the official results came in.


Top 8th fastest female.


Initially I was abit disappointed yet not surprised given what I mentioned in the video above.


Then I realised I was less than 2 mins away from 2nd place!!


I’d also run it the fastest I’d ever done before and was the CLOSEST to reaching my goal I’d ever been – progress.


(In other news – my girls in Team LDPT jumped almost 700 places up from last year!)


When you set yourself a goal and don’t achieve it, absolutely….it can be a bit disheartening.




And here’s the BIG but.


Instead of giving yourself a hard time, feeling deflated and giving up.


Look at what you HAVE achieved and use the experience as motivation and fuel to your fire to succeed.


Perhaps your goal was too big/unrealistic or perhaps you just didn’t work hard enough.


Either way, failure only comes when you stop trying.


So guess what?


I’ll be back next year stronger, faster and ready to take home Top 3!


I’ll be working on my running, strength, time management skills and blondeness, lol.


With the last week of September upon us.


What goals are YOU setting yourself this week?


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