Life is super BUSY right now!! (said everybody, everywhere, lol)


Am I right?


Between the kids being off school and perhaps holibobs to prepare for, there’s LOTS going on.


So here’s something that YOU aaaand the KIDS can do together.




It’ll help your kids burn off that extra energy and give them something positive to do.



It’ll help you de-stress, give you more energy and get your beach bod ROCKIN’.


If you’ve got a smart TV then connect your phone (via Youtube) and let’s get down to it on the ‘big screen’.


I’ve made it as SIMPLE as possible, you don’t even need a timer.


Grab your workout clothes, partner and kids, get your game face on, press play and GO!!



3 Combos (30secs each one)
Rest 30secs.
Press Play 5 times.


Workout Time: 10mins.
Equipment: Nada.


If you’d like to see what I’m up to this w/e.


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Expect Electric Shock Therapy, Everest, Kong, an Artic Enema, the Block Ness Monster and a whole lot of MUD!!


Lee ‘packing her suitcase’ Donald x



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