Jeeeze – Is it Monday?


When you’re off work for a while it’s easy to forget what day it is but NOW it’s time to click those fingers, wake up from that festive slumber and get serious!

Yes I am still ‘out the office’ but this is officially your last Monday email of 2014 and I couldn’t help myself….


I want YOU to succeed.

I want YOU to feel healthier & happier.


I want YOU get everything YOU deserve and work for and with only 2 days to go before the beginning of 2015 there’s only one thing I want YOU to think about today…




What do you want to achieve in 2015?

Did you achieve what you wanted in 2014?

Where do you want to be THIS time next year?


Still breathing??

Then it’s NEVER too late and anything is achievable if you truly want it.



Flippantly said with a half hearted desire and no real intention of action to execute.



Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound.

Set yourself a specific goal, make it realistic and achievable with a exact time frame.


You’ll not only be held accountable but it’ll give you a sense of achievement every time you hit them and keep that motivation ball rolling.

Failing to plan is planning to fail so set yourself up for success.


Set some goals from SHORT, MEDIUM to LONG TERM.

Break those goals up into mini goals – you don’t need to climb a mountain in a day!


Remember small, positive changes made on a daily basis is all it takes.

The journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step!


Look what happened yesterday when I woke up feeling tired.

I couldn’t be bothered working out (yes even I have those days!).


Step 1: Got straight in to my workout gear.

Step 2: Went to my cabin and cranked up the tunes.



30min HIT workout later…BUZZING!



Lee ‘stepping it up’ Donald x

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