I hope you had a great w/e.


More importantly….


Have you managed to stay clear of the LURGY?!


Sooo many people are sick and run down at the moment.




2 words.


Sleep & Stress


Sleep is a MASSIVE game player in fighting the lurgy and essential to help your body restore balance and keep your immune system in tact


If you get enough QUALITY sleep of around 7-9 hours then congratulations you can ‘tick’ the sleep box.





If you’re going to bed LATE, don’t sleep well and get up EARLY (I suspect this applies to many),


P.s This includes the weekends too!


It’s going to have a SERIOUS impact not only on your ability to fight the lurgy but also energy, mood and fatloss.


Add STRESS to the mix because let’s face it on a scale of 1-10


(1 = lowest, 10 = highest)


I bet most people reading this are at least a 5.


Stress has an ENORMOUS negative effect the body and again completely destroys your immune system.


Crank that stress level up a notch with the crazy Christmas festivities accompanied by lack of sleep, poor food choices, partying and alcohol.


BOOM – Lurgy central!!


So HOW can you fight back?


Here’s 5 simple tips.


1. Go to bed at the same time and sleep in a ‘batcave’


This will help get your body clock get into a routine.


It’ll also improve your sleep quality, boost your immune system, energy and mood.


2. Eat healthy foods to support your immune system


Think fruit, veg, herbs and spices rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Try to cut down on processed, sugary crap as this weakens your immune system and causes inflammation.


3. Take at least 10mins out your day for you


Whether you have a quick workout, read or just sit their in silence this will INSTANTLY help reduce your stress levels.


4. Avoid alcohol


As per point No.2 the excess sugar accompanied with likely poorer food choices and poor sleep = recipe for disaster.


5. Make a list


With so much going at the moment, things you need to do can fly in and out of your head faster than Santa on a jet.


This can also make it all rather overwhelming.


Making a daily to-do list with the top 3 most important things at the top in order of priority is a super simple way to help alleviate stress and increase your chances of getting stuff done.


6. Wash your hands regularly


Germs, bugs and viruses are EVERYWHERE and get transmitted so easily by touch.


Keep your hands germ free by washing them often or simply use some anti-bacterial gel especially around the office, gym or when your kids come home from school!


But hey, you know what sometimes sh*t happens and you get sick.


What Do You Do?


It’s HIGHLY tempting to feel sorry for yourself, turn to ‘comfort’ foods and take your frustration out on others.



However, this will accomplish absolutely NOTHING.


Here’s 4 tips I personally use to help me be as productive and POSITIVE as possible from my ‘lurgy bed’.


1. ACCEPT the situation – it’s temporary.


2. Cancel work if necessary – your health comes FIRST.


3. Make NEW goals for next week when you’re back on from.


4. Take happiness KNOWING as soon as you’re better you’ll be back on track doing your thing.


Here’s to fighting back, pushing forward and feeling happier : )


Lee ‘almost lurgy free’ Donald x



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