I hope you had a great weekend.


After 10 days out the office it feels goooood to be back!


🔥 From running my 1st rehab 10km (facing my fear of the dark).


🔥 Forcing myself to jump off a 20ft then 40ft drop (facing my fear of heights).


🔥 Swimming, tubing, cycling a 4 person bike, doing thousands of steps with a 20kg Baby Boss attached to me.


It’s been a fab and action packed holiday, lol.


With that now over and no more holidays booked this side of the year, it’s time to FOCUS.


Because in less than 11 weeks, 2022 is gonna land.


And I don’t know about you, but I have a few things I want to change and improve before that happens!


Perhaps you’re fed up of feeling fluffy, bloated and tired and want to feel stronger, lighter and fitter so you not only look good but FEEL good.


Perhaps you’re fed up of feeling anxious, depressed and consumed with negative self talk and want to improve your mental health especially in the dark, Wintery months so you can actually enjoy the festive season ahead.


Whatever your goals are, it all starts with you and an effort to take small steps each day to create that change.


Because nobody is coming….no-one.


Nobody is coming to push you.


Nobody is coming to tell you to turn the TV off.


Nobody is coming to make you get out the door and exercise.


Nobody is coming to tell you to apply for that job that you’ve always dreamt about.


Nobody is coming to tell you take control of your life and make your happiness a priority.


How you live your life and the progress you make is 100% your responsibility.


An uncomfortable but true statement.


But here’s the GOOD news.


You don’t have to do it alone and exactly why I created The MAX Experience!!


Joining The MAX Experience means you can expect loads of extra support, motivation and accountability from me personally along with a super friendly community of women inside our private Facebook group.


You’ll learn how to make small, manageable changes that = BIG results from weightloss, fitness, nutrition to mindset (we’re all about keeping things simple).


You’ll gain access to short & effective home workouts to help save you time getting better results as well as save you leaving the house in the cold, dark mornings/evenings to hit the gym.


Most importantly, you’ll learn how to ditch the diet, have more freedom with food and create healthier habits to help you get lasting, lifelong results.


Jump onboard and get FULL access (cancel anytime).


It’ll cost you the same ONE Costa coffee each week!!


Yup, crazy I know.


Or grab a FREE 7 Day Trial to get a taster of what it’s all about and how it can help you.


If you’re already a member then get excited.


We’ve got our annual Team LDPT Crimbo Night coming up soon along with other exciting challenges, raffles, prizes and fun this festive season : )


Lee ‘buzzing to back in the office’ Donald x



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