And how was your w/e?




I crawled through and jumped into ice cold, very dirty, muddy water.


Climbed over 3ft, 5ft and 12ft walls.


Swung from ropes and monkey bars dangling over a ‘hot tub’ of more ice cold, dirty water.


Dragged myself along the ground under mud banks, cargo nets and tyres.


And felt like I became border line hypothermic.


I also have a beautiful variety of different sizes/colours of bruises.


It was incredible!! lol.


But really…it was.


This may sound like some people’s idea of torture (I get that) but this was a huge deal for me, especially given my journey to get here.


Thanks to what feels like a ‘never ending’ foot injury, it was my first taste of Obstacle Course Racing in a LONG time.


Something I’m seriously passionate about and missed like crazy.


Incase you missed it.


I injured my foot at the OCR European Championships way back in July 2019!!


And to be honest, it’s been absolute hell ever since.


It’s had a MAJOR impact not only on my ability to do my job, be a parent and generally do ‘day to day’ activities most take for granted like mowing the grass, cleaning the house or going food shopping.


It’s also massively affected my mental health!


From overcoming a 15 year eating disorder and depression amongst other things, I’ve already had to fight my way up from rock bottom.


But 2.5 years of being limited in EVERY aspect of life, I can genuinely say it’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to deal with.


But guess what, I’m still here.


I’m finally at the latter part of my recovery and have a BIG comeback race set in January.


It’s been quite the journey!!


One which is sometimes difficult to voice but so important to help others know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


I know what it’s like to struggle.


To be in a dark place.


To think there’s no hope.


And to think life will never get better.


For anyone feeling in the same boat,


I can hands down tell you there IS hope.


And it CAN get better!


Here’s some tips I’d like to share that have helped me and hopefully may help you:


🔸 Don’t be afraid to ask for help, often the hardest thing to do but the most important step to take.


🔸 Be kind to yourself – nothing in the world will matter or have emotional value if you don’t love (or at least like) yourself.


🔸You matter. You’re important. The world is not a better place without you.


🔸 Surround yourself with people who lift you up – positivity breads positivity.


🔸 Do more of the things you enjoy.


🔸 Exercise daily – without a doubt the most underutilised antidepressant available.


🔸 Life won’t change overnight but that doesn’t mean it can’t change.


🔸 It’s ok to not be ok.


🔸There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel – it just takes some of us longer to reach it.


🔸 Never apologise for being you.


🔸 Help others – it’s amazing how this can make you feel.


🔸 It’s not your fault.


🔸The only person who can truly help you – is you.


🔸 Life won’t get better by chance.


🔸A support network is an essential part of recovery.


🔸Learn from yesterday, live for today, plan for tomorrow.


🔸You always have choices.


🔸A negative mind will never lead a positive life – stop focusing on the ‘bad’ things.


🔸Never underestimate what you’re capable of.


🔸 You can.


I know this blog won’t magically turn your life around but I hope if you’re someone who’s struggling it helps give you some motivation to know:


If I can do it – you can do it.


Have a great week!!


Lee ‘battered & bruised but couldn’t have a bigger smile’ Donald x



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