I hope you’re having a great week.


Today, I just wanted to share a couple of awesome tips with you.


Put into practice – these make a HUGE difference.


Tip No.1


* Gives you strong feet


* Better balance


* Makes you much less prone to injury


Particularly important for anyone who runs or does high impact exercises.


After breaking my foot last year, this has been part of my recovery & rehabilitation and have noticed a significant improvement in both strength & balance.


I actually posted it on my social media as a ‘Sunday challenge’.


The feedback?


Not as easy as it looks.


Give it a go : )


➡️ Balance on 1 foot and take the other smooth and controlled:


Front – Side – Back – Cross


** Beginners – on the floor
** Intermediate – on a bosu ball
** Advanced – on a wobble cushion


➡️ 3 sets of 3 on each foot


Are you as ‘balanced’ as you thought you’d be?


Can you manage 3 full sets without putting your other foot down?


Would love to hear how you get on.


Tip No.2


To help you make weightloss as simple & successful as possible.


This happened literally 2 days ago!!


Press Play:



As per the video,


Make sure you focus on those 2 super important things next time you indulge.


1. Leave that switch alone
2. Weekly wins over daily


If you’d like to see more helpful videos like these.


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