New Year New You – right?


Un-used gym memberships, fad diets leaving you hungry and unhappy, ridiculous companies claiming to get your shredded in 7 days…


Bla, bla, blaaaaa.


It’s the same EVERY year.


Did you hit your health & fitness goals LAST year?


I suspect for many that’s probably a no.


I you want THIS year to be different you need to DO something different.


If nothing changes.


Guess what?


NOTHING changes.


But I’ve been there too and I get it.


Losing weight, building a better body, improving your fitness, boosting your confidence, changing your mindset and ultimately…


Leading a happier life is TOUGH.


Especially when there never seems to be enough time.


That’s exactly why I created my online members area – The MAX Experience.


To make it as EASY as possible for busy people to get results without stepping foot in a gym.


Aaaaand at a super AFFORDABLE price.


Does it work?


Left pic – Me quite a few years ago.


Right pic – Me on the 3rd Jan 2017 after indulging over Christmas.



Yuuuup I wasn’t always a fit, healthy, toned fitness lover, infact far from it.


If you’d like to know:


1. The SECRET to getting my body and fitness on track.


2. How I keep my motivation firing on ALL cylinders.


3. How I have a 9 mth old daughter, run a busy business and STILL find time to workout.


The MAX Experience is literally my fitness blueprint and would love to show you how it can change YOUR life too.


Here’s a little more info:



If you’re that person who’s fed up of making the SAME choices and SAME goals year after year and not getting anywhere.


I’d love to help you change that and welcome you on board.​​​​​​​


Sign up here:

Lee ‘changed and never looked back’ Donald x



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