Aaaaaaand we’re OFF!!


Whether you’re ‘on holiday’ or hungover from the w/e….2017 has BEGUN.


And I hope you’ve enjoyed the festive period.


Spending QT with your friends/families, INDULGING in those food & beverages and kicking your feet up because NOW it’s time to get serious!!


You may still be recovering from the w/e but if there’s EVER a time sort your sh*t out and make positive changes to your body, health and happiness


Yup it’s now.


But don’t worry I’m here to MOTIVATE and support you to make this process as SIMPLE as possible.




Important question – Have you set your goals yet?


(for the week, month or year)




Perhaps your aiming to achieve exactly the same THIS year as you were LAST year (highly common).


*To get FITTER.


*To EAT healthier.


*To WORKOUT more.


*To shift those EXTRA pounds.


*To make your belly FLATTER.


*To look in the mirror and feel HAPPY with your reflection.


WHY do people have the same goals year after year?


Because they give up too easily and don’t have a plan.


Imagine where you’d be if you DIDN’T give up.


Imagine what you’re capable of if you REALLY got stuck in.


Let’s quit faffing and make 2017 a year you GRAB your goals by the balls.


And you cease EVERY opportunity to make it the best you possibly can.


Because your success is entirely dependent on the choices YOU make.


YES it’ll be a bumpy roadsuccess is NEVER easy.


YES it’ll involve making mistakesthese are essential to LEARN.


YES you’ll have to pick yourself up a few timesthat’s LIFE.


YES it’ll be a learning curve ENJOY the ride.


YES it will be worth ithard work ALWAYS pays off.




If need a little help.


If you don’t want to join a gym.


If need support, motivation and guidance and don’t want to do it alone.


If you want the MAXIMUM possible results in the SHORTEST amount of time.


I’ve got you covered!!





Doors open next Monday 9th of January but only for ONE week and spaces are LIMITED.


Make sure you stay tuned so you don’t miss out.


Time to get 2017 ROCKIN’!

Lee ‘pumped to be back’ Donald x



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