Uh ohhh time’s ticking – less than 24hrs


Want to lose weight, tone up, feel fitter, healthier, lighter, sexier, more confident and simply happier in yourself WITHOUT stepping foot in a gym?


I’m sure LOTS of people reading this would (me included) and if that’s YOU then I have a fantastic opportunity for you but you only have till midnight tonight to grab it.


It’s called The MAX Experience.


If you missed what that is, WHY it’s so awesome and HOW it can make you that person who FINALLY hits their goals


‘Action Takers’ click below:



You can also find your FREE 10min belly blasting, fat burning taster of what you can expect there.


Don’t hang around too long though.


Doors are closing @ midnight TONIGHT.


Yes – they’ll be opening again but not until OCTOBER.


So if you want to join the team then be QUICK : )


Join here:



If you want to wait till October, no worries but…


Imagine the RESULTS you could achieve and PROGRESS you could make in 3 months if you started NOW?


And hey,


I know I’ve been blogging a little MORE than normal this week but it’s just because I don’t want you to miss out.


This is the LAST blog about The MAX Experience not just cause the doors are closing but because I’m away on my holibobs with the fam for the next 2 weeks…..eeek hellooooo Gran Canaria!!


So there won’t be ANY blogs till I’m back but if you want to see what a PT gets up to on holiday


Come say hello and let’s get connected on social media : )


Lee ‘ready to shut the doors’ Donald x



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