Sunshine, sand, sea, my mum’s special birthday, my little girls 1st holiday abroad and QT with the fam.


Woaaaah it’s been an AWESOME last couple of weeks.


Being one of the lucky few who LOVES their job, it’s actually good to be back.


So 1st day back in the office, let’s jump straight in with a little CONFESSION.


Yup somebody call the fitness police.


My name’s Lee, I’m a PT and I’ve not had a workout in 2 weeks!!


Yes you read that right – TWO weeks…GUILTEEE!


Good intentions, trainers, workout gear and attitude to SWEAT it out in Gran Canaria packed only to find out there’d been a mistake.


There was NO gym! (cue instant panic)


Now I don’t usually do gyms ANYWAY and all up for outdoor or room workouts buuuut


with a RIDICULOUS heat outdoors (even early morning) and indoors accompanied by trying to work around a 3 month old’s sleep time/naps in the room.


Working out was just going to be STRESSFUL and frustrating (not what it’s all about) so decision made – there would be NO holiday workouts.




I worked my ASS off before I left to get ‘beachbody ready’


So what do you do?




If we’re connected on social media you may have seen my recent post.


‘It took me the last 5 years as a PT to find my abs.


Heading to an ‘all inclusive’ it could have been quite easy to lose them in just 12 days.


Yes I’ve enjoyed vodka, champagne, pizza, crisps, ice-cream and most others things everyone else would on hol but living by my belief of balance and the 80/20 rule – here’s a pic 11 days in.


Untitled design


Aaaand I actually also have a confession.


If you want to know my little secret and EXACTLY how I’ve kept in shape stay tuned to Monday’s email’




NOW you know my confession here’s my 13 little ‘secrets’ and HOW I kept in shape.


1. Not drinking alcohol during the DAY.


2. Drinking vodka, sparkling water and fresh lime on the nights I did drink (most nights to be honest) but only having a FEW.


However there WERE a few cheeky champers and cocktails on my mum’s birthday!


3. Eating breaky, lunch and dinner and trying to stay AWAY from the poolside snacks.


4. If I did fancy something between meals it was either just a ‘TASTE’ or a protein bar that I packed from home.


5. Using the STAIRS to our 3rd floor hotel room instead of the lift.


6. Playing in the POOL.


Swimming and messing around with your 14 year old nephew burns ALOT of calories, not to mention FUN.


Who else is a big kid and does this on holiday? lol



7. Going out and about for WALKS after dinner.


8. Loading up on PROTEIN at every meal to help curb cravings, keep me full and feed my muscles.


(more muscle = more calories burned).


9. Opting for FRESH salads adding balsamic vinegar instead of the creamy pre-made ones.


10. Resisting the PUDDINGS (the 1st week, lol)


Hey sometimes you just have to get IN there but being able to serve yourself as much as you want I was well ‘behaved’.


11. Avoiding anything DEEP FRIED.


12. Drinking a sh*t load of WATER.


13. NOT drinking the unlimited hot chocolates and fizzy juice available all day every day.


I’d rather EAT my calories!


These are super simple tips that EVERYONE is capable of whether they’re on holiday or not.


So instead of giving yourself the ‘GREEN LIGHT’ to eat and drink everything in sight just because you’re on holiday to come home feeling bloated and crap about yourself.


If you’re priority is to have fun and enjoy yourself but not SACRIFICE your waistline and hard work…


Next time, try some of these tips : )


Lee ‘pumped to get back on that fitness train – ooft it’s gonna hurt’ Donald x



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