‘Well done, you’re almost there’

‘Faster, go, go, go’


I’m so used to saying these things to my clients and fitness class members if felt quite strange yet rather refreshing to have these said to ME on Saturday.


Yup yours truly got her backside beasted at the w/e and I have to confess, it felt AMAZEBALLS.


My cousin (Andrew Donald) and his friend Daniel have newly launched their MAD Fitness classes.


If you’re someone like me who’s NOT a fan of the gym.


Who likes a CHALLENGE, enjoys getting their SWEAT on and having FUN at the same time.


You should check it out:


Sure it can be a little daunting trying something NEW and stepping outside your comfort zone (yes, even for us PT’s) but it’s also EXCITING.


Here’s our sweaty, post-workout pic : )




Want to know something else NEW and challenging that’s taking me out my comfort zone EVERY single day for the last 6 days?


The 22 Press Ups for 22 Days Challenge.


If you’re on Facebook and other social media, you can’t miss it but for those who aren’t…


The challenge is to raise awareness about veterans’ mental health and PTSD (every day 22 veterans commit suicide!).


You get nominated by someone and for those 22 days you do 22 press ups, film yourself and post it on your social media.


Any press ups will do but hey, as a PT those press ups were never going to be ‘normal’ press ups.


Here’s my Day 2.


I genuinely had NEVER tried this before or even new if I could do it.



Goes to show you should never UNDERESTIMATE what you’re capable of.


If you want to see what I get up to for the rest of my 22 days,


Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel @ Lee Donald Personal Training or come connect with me on social media.


(Saturday night’s ‘boozy’ Day 5 is only available on my social media)


But you know what…


This blog’s not about me – it’s about YOU!!


I just want to show you I PRACTICE what I preach.


Whether it’s a new recipe, exercise, type of food, fitness class or even time you set your alarm in the morning.


When was the last time YOU did something for the 1st time?


It’s soooo EASY to live in our ‘comfort zones’ but the truth is nothing AMAZING ever came from one’s comfort zone.


So let me ask you 2 simple questions:


1. Do you want be MORE than just average?


2. Do you want to get EXCITED about life?


If you answered NO.


That comfort bubble is the perfect place for you.


If you answered YES.


Then brace yourself my friend because it’s time to get ‘uncomfortable’.


It’s the only way to live if you want to MOVE forward, MAKE positive changes, progress and grow.


And that’s your challenge this week…


Whatever it is, however big OR small I want you to


step out your comfort zone and try something NEW.


Try new things, keep learning and keep pushing because THAT is the key to your success.


And don’t forget to Tweet me, Facebook me and let me know how it goes.


You might only do it once, you might do it on a daily basis.


Tell me about it, I’d LOVE to know!!


Lee ‘ready to film day 7’ Donald x



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