What do YOU think?


Yes or no, either way


We talk about bargains, discounts and saving all the time but when it comes down to it, so many of us just FRITTER our money without even realizing it.


So here’s a couple of questions to get you thinking.




What can you get for £19.99?


1 Dominos pizza

1 bottle of vodka

1 box of detox tea

1 super cheap meal out

2 packets of cigarettes

4 bottles of average wine

4 McDonalds

4 Starbucks coffees

4-5 Magazines


Not very much but many people purchase these things on a monthly, weekly even DAILY basis.


And it soon adds up with nothing but some extra BODYFAT, poor HEALTH and a dent to their CONFIDENCE to show for it.


So here’s another question to think about.




Would you sacrifice ANY of these for just ONE week out of the month if it meant


You could LOSE weight, get in SHAPE and finally feel HAPPY with that person looking in the mirror?


‘Are you crazy Lee, hells yeah!!’


Then GOOD NEWS – You Can.


And here’s how.


That same £19.99 will get you FOUR weeks access to The MAX Experience.


A game changer for BUSY people who want to lose weight and get in shape WITHOUT stepping foot in a gym.


Sounds good, huh?


It gets BETTER.


Here’s EXACTLY what that £19.99 will get you.


– Access to 70 (and counting) 10min HIIT Home Workouts.


– Warm Up / Stretching videos so you know exactly what to do.


– 7 DIFFERENT workout categories including a ‘Beginners’ section.


– Exclusive FB group for motivation & support.


– £15 off a 6 Week Nutrition Plan (MAX Experience PLUS).


– No Contract, No small print, No fuss you can cancel ANY time.


Beats a pizza ANY day!! : )


Can’t afford it??


Go back to that list in Question 1 which didn’t even include drinks out with your friends and simply decide what you want MORE.


1. Drinks, food and fags.




2. A lean, toned body, healthy lifestyle and confidence to match.


If you want to give no.2 a test drive, here’s your FREE taster





Doors are CLOSING tomorrow @ midnight until OCTOBER and there’s only room for a few more people to walk through those doors.


If you’re fed up of frittering away your money and actually want something to SHOW for it.


Click here and let’s get you started:



Lee ‘making your money count’ Donald x



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