Just a heads up.


With only 3 days left of The MAX Experience doors being OPEN and a LIMITED number of people allowed to walk through them.


I thought I’d give you a little nudge to let you know spaces are GOING!!


If you want to grab one too…


Grab it here:



If you missed what The MAX Experience is about and HOW it can make help you lose weight, melt that abflab and BOOST your confidence in just 10 mins a day


Check it out:



Aaaand if you just want to know WHY The MAX Experience is so awesome and 4 of the BEST things about it.


Read on.


1. It Saves You Time


Each workout only 10 mins – gotta love it!


No need to WASTE time packing a gym bag, driving to the gym, getting changed, waiting for equipment or water fountain, getting changed again and driving home.


Working out at home saves you SO much precious time especially if you’re a BUSY business person or parent with LITTLE time on your hands.


2. No Need To Feel Self Conscious


If you’ve ever been to a gym then lets face it.


We’ve ALL felt self conscious at times walking through those gym doors (myself included).


At home, there’s nobody WATCHING you, JUDGING you (sadly this happen lots in a gym) or making you feel UNCOMFORTABLE.


Working out is HARD enough without feeling eyes burning on your backside.


3. Cheaper Than Any Gym Membership


There’s some CRAZY priced gym memberships out there and ones that tie you in for a whole YEAR at a time.


At only £19.99 a month with NO contract and the ability to cancel at ANY time you really have NOTHING to lose.


For some workouts I use equipment (I show you how to do these without) and if you choose to purchase any (GREAT investment) there’s even a section of quality equipment I recommend at very reasonable prices.


Bring the gym to YOU.


4. It’s Super Effective


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been scientifically proven by NUMEROUS studies to create a LARGE calorie burn and GREATLY improve your fitness in a SHORT amount of time.


The best bit?


Not only do you burn a SERIOUS amount of calories while doing the workout, you also trigger something called the EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) aka The After Burn Effect.


Where your body uses energy/calories to re-create ‘balance’ which most effectively lasts for up to 24hours.


Put simply – The more INTENSE you workout, the GREATER your afterburn effect will be.


Not bad for 10-20 min workout eh?


Want to grab yourself a piece of that FAT BURNING PIE?


It’s served here:



Lee ‘loves fitness hates gyms’ Donald x



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