Happy Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve!


(Am sure that’s a thing, lol)


Woohoo only 3 more sleeps till the ‘Big Man’ arrives – not gonna lie I’m super EXCITED.


Want to know something ELSE exciting?


After you’ve enjoyed your turkey, the trimmings, tucked into the leftovers and munched on Boxing Day nibbles of deliciousness ,


Washing it all down with a cheeky bevvy or 10.


You’re going to feel a little or alot BLOATED!!


Yuuup infact the 27th is probably going to be your PEAK ‘bloat time’.


Should you regret anything? Absolutely not.




But the most important thing will be what you do NEXT.


And THAT’S the exciting bit!


Next Tuesday 27th Dec I’ll have and extra special ONE time offer up for grabs.


Something I’ve NEVER done before which will be valid for ONE day only.


To ALLEVIATE your stress and make it as EASY as possible for you to get in shape, BOUNCE back and set yourself up for a life changing 2017!!


Want to know what that LIFE CHANGING special offer is?


Stay tuned and watch out for next Tuesday’s blog.


And if THAT wasn’t exciting enough.


Check this out!



From my family to yours, here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!

Lee ‘ate all the mince pies’ Donald x



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