When was the last time you ‘switched off’?


Or the last time you took ‘time out’ just for you?


If you’re like me then you’re probably struggling to remember which is NEVER a good sign.


We live in such a FAST paced world with so many STRESSES that it’s sooo important that we MAKE time for ourselves.


Whether it’s a quick workout, relaxing with a hot cuppa and mag or just getting AWAY from it all.


And that’s EXACTLY what me, my wife and the mini boss are doing.


I’m now currently out the office until next Tuesday 17th October.


To be honest, it feels a little WEIRD and uneasy for this passionate workaholic to say but yes that means…


There’ll be NO Monday blog next week, no emails sent or messages answered.


It’s time to put the laptop DOWN, switch the work brain OFF and spend some QT with my family.


You may see some posts here and there on my social media but that’s it.


If you’ve been NEGLECTING yourself or your loved ones and can’t remember the last time you took some time out for you.


Hopefully this may be a little nudge.


We ALL need ‘time out’ sometimes….and it’s ok.


* It’s ok to be selfish.


* It’s ok to make your happiness a priority.


* And it’s ok to let people around you take care of themselves.


You can’t pour from an EMPTY cup so if you’re feeling like you’re cups running on low.


Take a minute, a day, a weekend or a week to slow it DOWN and fill her UP.


Lee ‘excited for the zoo’ Donald x



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