12 warm ups, 25 obstacles, 5km mud run followed by a trip to A&E, soft tissue damage and possible broken thumb/hand.


Oooft – it was certainly an ACTION packed w/e.


Last Saturday was Glack Attack.


A hard earned 5km of running, crawling, climbing and whatever you need to do to get through the forests, bogs, mixture of manmade and natural obstacles to get over the finish line.

It was my job to warm up all the troops before the event, which was an AMAZING experience and what a buzz to pump everybody up and see them set off.


Although, I have to say busting out 12 of those warm ups was a CHALLENGE in itself! lol.


If you missed the excitement, head over to my Facebook Page (Lee Donald Personal Training) and have a nosey.


You’ll also see my EPIC ‘ninja’ fail that landed me in A&E!


When the LAST warm up of the day arrived, there was only me and my AWESOME bunch of BodyMaxers (fitness class members).


We blasted the tunes, got in the groove and ran off into the ‘UNKNOWN’.


Some were excited, some nervous and anxious but no matter what was thrown at them, they NEVER backed down.


We pushed each other over things, under things and dragged ourselves threw some seriously thick, stinky mud but most importantly…


We had FUN and started/finished it together as a TEAM.


Cue proud Trainer alert!


And by the end of 5km of muddy madness, they all absolutely LOVED it.


1. Building a better BODY.


2. Boosting your CONFIDENCE.


3. Growing STRONGER mentally as well as physically.


4. Having an amazing SUPPORT network to motivate you.


5. Stepping outside your comfort zone and CHALLENGING yourself.


These are all ESSENTIAL to feeling healthier and happier in yourself.


You don’t have to run 5km or drag yourself through thick, stinky mud but…


If you’d like to join an INCREDIBLE group of like-minded women who are all about supporting and motivating each other in their quest to success.


Let me introduce – The BodyMax Network.


3 unique women only fitness classes created to get results and put FUN into fitness.


No gym.
No membership required.


And for the month of October ONLY.


You can grab £5 OFF a 5 class Loyalty Card.


(usually £35 – now only £30!)


If you’d like change how you look and feel AND save some pennies at the same time.


You can find more info about my fitness classes here:


*Terms & Conditions*


Booking must be made – simply contact me via text on 07510054788.
Payment made via bank transfer.
Only 1 Loyalty Card person.


Offer Valid:
Mon 2nd Oct – Fri 27th Oct.


If you have any questions or would like to come along and try any classes, please just get in touch.


Lee ‘not as ninja as she thought’ Donald x



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