Sun shining, birds chirpin’, breezy.


The 1st Monday of the month is ‘nae bad’?


And don’t we always seem HAPPIER and more MOTIVATED when the sun’s out?


If you’re an Aberdonian make the most if it! lol.


Either way, October has landed, WINTER is on it’s way and the chances of sunshine is getting slimmer.


LESS hours of daylight never mind sunlight, followed by big coats and jumpers coming out to play.


Cue LESS motivation, MORE comfort food and increasing WAISTLINES.


Now I don’t want to pee on your sunny Monday bonfire but…


This seems to happen EVERY year to most people.


They work their butts off before/during Summer then let all their hard work go to WASTE.


They feel TIRED and sluggish over Winter, pick up colds easily then PANIC when they have a festive social event they need to ‘look good’ for.


Sound familiar? – Here’s GREAT news.


I’m here to help you break that depressing cycle.


If you’d like to get in shape BEFORE the festive season.


Fight the flab, feel CONFIDENT, strut your sexy stuff and ROCK those parties this year.


Let me introduce ‘OPERATION OCTOBER’.


2 EXCLUSIVE offers specifically designed to help you do just that.




The food and drink YOU consume will determine whether you reach your goal or NOT, that’s just a fact.


What we eat and drink directly affects our energy, mood, health and how we look/feel so getting your food right is one of THEE most important places to start.


Ever been on a diet? – yup they SUCK!


Which is why I’m excited to give you the chance to grab a whopping £20 OFF a fully personalized 6 Week Nutrition Plan.


Usually £115 – now only £95!


No crazy diet or starving yourself, simply creating healthy meals and habits around the food you ENJOY.


All plans are flexible and NOTHING is off the menu.


(yes, even chocolate and wine).


If you’d like to eat the foods you LOVE aaaand get the RESULTS you want before the festive season kicks off.


Grab this awesome offer and get more info here:


Offer Valid:
Monday 2nd Oct – Sunday 29th Oct.




To lose weight – getting your nutrition on point definitely comes first.


But if you want to feel fitter, stronger, flatten your tummy, get that toned, sexy look and ACCELERATE your weight loss.


You’re gonna need some full body, fat BLASTING, body SHAPING, mood BOOSTING workouts.


And THAT’S where The BodyMax Network comes in.


3 unique women only fitness classes created to get results and put FUN into fitness.


No gym.
No membership required.


And now…


You and grab £5 OFF a 5 class Loyalty Card.

(usually £35 – now only £30!)


Want to know WHERE, WHEN and WHAT my classes are all about?


Click here:


*Terms & Conditions*


Booking must be made – simply contact me via text on 07510054788.
Payment made via bank transfer.
Only 1 Loyalty Card person.


Offer Valid:
Mon 2nd Oct – Fri 27th Oct.


If you have ANY questions about either of these offers, just let me know, I’m happy to help : )


Little reminder – these offers are LIMITED and won’t be around forever.


If you’d like to take control, save pennies, feel fabulous and get in the BEST shape of your life this October.


Grab them while you can.


Lee ‘ready to rock October’ Donald x



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