11km run over frosty hills, bit of bouldering, vodka, QT with the fam, waaaay too much cake and not a single calorie counted.


Apart from the not counting calorie part, lol…


I started my birthday year as I mean to go on.


** Training hard


** Getting stronger


** Challenging myself


** Facing my fears


** Surrounding myself by positive people who lift me up


So many people run away from their birthdays.


Usual because it’s a reminder that they’re getting older.


That they still haven’t lost weight.


That they’re still struggling to make any significant kind of progress.


That life is still stressful.


And that they still feel pretty crap about themselves.


My mission is to help as many women as possible LOVE their Birthday and to be honest…..simply love life!!


To use their Birthday as a celebration and benchmark of how much stronger they are despite growing older and how much happier they can feel in themselves.


But between trying to lose weight, go to work, keep the house ticking over, sort the kids out and do a million other things.


I get it – it’s hardwork achieving your goals.


That’s exactly why I created my award winning online health & fitness hub The MAX Experience.


To help busy women spend LESS time getting the results they want whilst juggling everything life throws at them and without having to join a gym.


If you like the sound of having a community of like minded, amazing women plus me personally for support.


Getting LIFE changing results from small, simple changes.


And everything you need right at your fingertips for less than the cost of a takeaway pizza.


You’ll love The MAX Experience.


Tap the link below for more info:


Why sign up?


** Because Birthdays and celebrating your life can be something to look forward to


** Because you deserve to feel proud of the person looking in the mirror


** Because nothing will change if you don’t do anything different


** Because nobody is going to do this for you


** Because you have every right to take control back


** Because you shouldn’t have to WAIT to live a healthier, happier life


If you’re not 100% happy with how you look and feel the quickest way to fix that is to take action.


Need a little help?


Tap on that link you scrolled past, hit the ‘sign up’ button and let’s start moving forward today : )


Lee ‘loves a birthday’ Donald x



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