Why, why, WHYYY is losing weight so hard to do?


Because so many people are doing it WRONG.


But don’t worry, I’m here to help and about to let you in on 10 reasons most people FAIL to reach their weightloss goals.


I prefer the term fatloss using pictures, measurements, physical performance, clothes and how my clients feel to assess progress.


As measuring progress via the scales is always inaccurate but hopefully you know this already.


Anyway, here goes:


1. You’re OVER eating calorie dense foods.


Nuts, avocados, olive oil, etc are all super healthy but need to be eaten in moderation.


Calories in Vs Calories out


Calories are king and will always rule when it comes to weightloss regardless of how healthy something is.


2. You OVER estimate the calories you burn.


Those little gadgets on your wrist or super expensive machines at the gym?


As useful as an umbrella with holes.


If you sync MyFitnessPal to your calories burned, my top tip would be to un-sync it asap and simply focus on a calories deficit via food and add regular exercise to the mix.


3. You UNDER estimate the how much you eat.


The crisps you ate in the car, wine you drank while making dinner and left over food consumed on your kids plate still count.


4. You’re not ACTIVE apart from your workouts.


A big one for those who have sit down desk jobs all day.


Aim for around 10,000 steps each day.


If you’re not at that mark yet, just get off your butt as much as you can and keep active.


5. You’ve no idea HOW many calories you’re consuming.


What gets measured, get managed so try using MyFitnessPal (free app to download) for a couple weeks and use it to create a CALORIE DEFICIT.


This is the ONE and only magic key to losing weight but remember to see point No.2.


I’d also recommend using an online calculator such as IIFYM or calculation below to establish your calories then punch these into MyFitnessPal for accuracy.


IIFYM Calorie Calculator



Calorie Deficit Calculation For Women:


655 + (4.35 x weight in lbs) + (4.7 x height in inches) – (4.7 x age) x 1.55


6. You UNDER estimate calories in alcohol.


Or you simply don’t account for them.


Eating your daily calories, adding alcohol on top then filling your boots with hangover munchies and expecting to lose weight.


Not really the optimum set up for weightloss.


1 bottle of vino = approx 700cals.



You can still lose weight and drink alcohol if you account for the calories and over the WEEK are still in a calorie deficit.


7. You don’t eat enough PROTEIN.


Curbs cravings, keeps you fuller for longer and helps build muscle.


More muscle = more calories burned = better and faster results.


If you don’t eat it at LEAST at every meal, chances are you don’t consume enough.


Aim for around 1.4 – 2g of protein per kg of bodyweight.


8. You think the weekend gives you a FREE pass.


You eat and exercise well Mon – Fri and blow it all Friday night, Sat & Sun.


See point 5 and 6.


9. You eat BACK the calories you’ve burned.


The calories you burned according to your Fitbit are unreliable – See point 2.


It’s also not an overly healthy or positive way to view exercise and food.


10. You don’t drink enough WATER.


The simplest way to ACCELERATE your weightloss, increase your energy and curb cravings yet so many people fail to do this.


Aim for at LEAST 2 litres of water a day.


Is it just water that counts?


I explain all inside No.11 : )


If you struggle, try picking up one of these badboys for extra motivation and dilute some no added sugar Vimto – my fave.


Home Bargains £1.67 (or simply make your own).



11. You haven’t sign up to The MAX Experience yet.


Ok so this was a cheeky added one but seriously,


If you want to make losing weight, toning up and rocking those festive parties when they come as easy as possible without having to join a gym.


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Have a great week.


Lee ‘making weightloss simple’ Donald x



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