I hope you’re having a great week!


High intensity quad biking, segways, pony rides, swimming, climbing firemen poles, unintentional crazy off road biking!!


It was an action packed w/e away in Crieff with the fam, hence no Monday blog – my apologies.


However, I sent you a CRACKING one last week about weightloss.


Why so many people get it wrong and some useful tips to help you get it right and keep things simple.


If you missed it, check it out:


10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight:


And today…


I really just wanted to share a quick video with you about calories and why you could be unnecessarily struggling!


Press play and hope you find it helpful : )



As always, I’m here to help.


So if you have a burning question or something you’re unsure of just get in touch and I’ll answer it in one of my weekly blogs to help everyone out.


And hey, there’s no such things as a stupid question.


Chances are…


If YOU are struggling or have questions about something however big or small, someone else is too.


Lee ‘arming you with knowledge’ Donald x



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