Ffs – here we go again.


First of all, let me just set the scene.


The Baby Boss (my son) has a dairy intolerance, therefore my wife who is breast feeding is also currently dairy free.


Aaaand the Mini Boss (my daughter) doesn’t like hobnobs.


So about a week ago, when my Mum picked us up some essentials from the shop and came back with not only plain hobnobs (aka Oaties from Lidl) but also CHOCOLATE hobnobs.


This was an issue! lol.


Biscuits are one of my ‘trigger’ foods.


A food I seriously struggle to show control around and can’t just have one, hence why we never have biscuits in the house!


Not ones I like anyway : )


So yup.


Greedy guts here ate the entire pack over 2 days and tried to blame my Mum….but really?


It was ME who chose to stuff my face.


Fast forward to yesterday.


No shopping in the house, wife goes out as friends are coming round and brings home – guess what?


More chocolate friggin hobnobs!!




It’s cool though…..my friends are coming round – they’ll eat them.


Not a single chuffing one.




Today, whilst writing this blog I scoffed the last ones!!


Yup, guilty as charged, not even going to try and hide it.


A whole pack of chocolate hobnobs to myself in less than 24hours….AGAIN.


Do I feel bad?


Not really, just abit sicky and full, lol.


Because it’s happened, I can’t change it, however will most certainly learn from it (3rd time round, lol) so it doesn’t happen again.


I also had a workout this morning, will have a lighter dinner and get back on that fitness train tomorrow to help balance everything out.


Moral of the Story:


1. Whatever your trigger food/foods are – don’t have them in the house.


Out of sight out of mind.


2. You are the direct result of every choice you make, if you’re not happy – start making better choices.


3. Blaming others is easy but doesn’t solve problems, start by looking at your own actions.


4. Chocolate hobnobs are tasty AF.


5. Exercise regularly and mostly eat well means having an ‘off’ day or 2 won’t set you majorly back.


6. Weekly calories are more important than daily calories – as long as you hit your weekly target you’ll still achieve your goals.


7. Dwelling on things in the past or anything you can’t change will do nothing but make you miserable and waste precious time in the present.


8. Every situation is an opportunity to learn.


9. Life’s too short for regrets, YOLO.


10. Always read the label – who knew chocolate hobnobs were 95cals per biscuit?!


Lee ‘stepping away from the hobnobs’ Donald x



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