Water, council juice, H20, agua, aqua.


Whatever you call it and wherever ever you are in the world.


One thing will ALWAYS remain the same.


Water is life and essential for our bodies to survive and function.


Being properly hydrated has a MASSIVE impact not only your weightloss but also your energy, mood, concentration and skin.


Water is also a great appetite SUPPRESSANT.


Meaning drinking enough will help keep HUNGER at bay for as long as possible and curb those cravings.


It’s easily accessible, free from a tap and not challenging to consume yet soo many people don’t drink NEARLY enough of it.


As a result,


Suffer from many things such as low energy, headaches and extra cravings.


So how much should I aim for Lee?


A good place to start is at least 2 litres.


This will vary depending on activity levels amongst many other things.


If you’re not like me and not a fan of water then check out no added sugar Vimto!!


#gamechanger : )


How do I know if I’m drinking enough?


If your pee isn’t particularly smelly and pretty clear then congratulations your HYDRATED.


Keep it up.


If not, get reaching for that H2O!!


This is one of what I call the ‘basics’ to focus on.


Something easy to do that = HUGE results from minimal effort.


But I get it, life is busy and sometimes you forget.


Which is why I like to keep losing weight, keeping hydrated and everything else for that matter – super simple!


Inside my online members area The MAX Experience, we make drinking 2 litres of water daily part of our ‘weekly check ins’.


To help give you motivation and accountability so it becomes habit without even thinking.




I’ve just started a 4 week challenge in our MAX Experience Facebook group.


4 different weekly challenges that follow the same principle.


Small and simple but = HUGE results!



Perfect if you’ve been struggling with motivation and need a little help getting back on that wagon.


Week 1 (surprise surprise) has been ‘water week’ and wowzers, everyone’s been smashing it.


If you’re reading this and already a Member – well done!!


Tomorrow is the start of Week 2 which is all about calories and food.


** If you want to know how to calculate your calories.


** Why protein is essential to weightoss and how much you should consume.


** How weightloss really works and what every single diet in the world does.


** What weightloss myths you should stop believing NOW.


** Why focusing on your daily calories isn’t helpful.


** What NOT to do with MyFitnessPal.


** How to still eat squashies and anything you like but still lose weight.


Oh and a small challenge to focus on for ONE week.


To help give you more knowledge and enable you to make better food choices, feel less stressed about food and establish and healthier way of eating for life (not just a week).


Alongside lots of support from me and an amazing community of women.


Either jump onboard for only £5 or £20.


Or grab a 7 day FREE Trial before 7pm tomorrow.


Tap on the link below for more info/to sign up:


I’ll be going LIVE @ 7pm inside our MAX Experience private Facebook group with everything I’ve just mentioned and more.


Plus, after this – we’ve still got another 2 cracking challenges coming up!!


If you’re not already part of the Team and need a kick up the butt to sort yourself out.


Hit that link and let’s get started.


Lee ‘loves keeping things simple’ Donald x



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