Ever struggled to do your zip up or close buttons on your top?


To feel comfortable in your clothes?


Or happier with your body shape?


If so, then you’ll appreciate just how LIFE CHANGING these ‘small wins’ are:


‘All these good food choices has helped me get into a blouse I bought a few months ago close (one that fitted but popped open at the boobs) well it buttons up like a dream with room to spare!’​​​​​​​ – Lynne.


‘1 more week to go before first xmas night out and I am feeling better about my body/shape (I have leggings and a dress on today and the leggings don’t feel as tight round my middle and my boobs stick out further than my belly!)’ – Nicola.


These statements came from a couple of my girls inside our private MAX Member Facebook group last week.


The MAX Experience is all about helping women lose weight, feel fitter, stronger and happier in themselves WITHOUT stepping foot in a gym.


These women have been making INCREDIBLE progress and while I’d love to tell you how amazing The MAX Experience is.


I thought I’d let Sarah (one of my other MAX Members do that).


When someone asked:


Has anyone tried Lee’s online Max Experience?
Could you tell me about it if you have?
What’s it like, do you like it?


Here’s what Sarah said:


‘I find it fantastic.


I’ve been an online member for a good while now (I should admit the little pic beside Lee’s link to her website is actually me in my undies charting my progress – although don’t panic – no one forced you to post pics in your undies!!).


You work away at your own pace.


How many video you do in a workout and how many workouts you do a week is up to you so you can start where you are and gradually build up.


There’s loads of vids to choose from – all different types and all only 10 mins.
And there’s a low impact section of you have dodgy knees like me!


Lee keeps it fresh with new vids coming online to add to the mix, and loads of support and encouragement.


Whether it’s encouraging regular checks on your progress (we do measurements and pics as a good way to chart it but you don’t have to share your results with the group if you don’t want to – although we’re a decent bunch and it’s actually ok sharing it.


There’s tips, motivational posts, recipes, food advice and some general fun.


I’ve got to know a great group of women through it and it really helps me to feel that I should exercise, that other people are willing me on, and actually that I want to do it which is quite something given how much I used to hate exercise.


There’s no dumb questions in the group and no sense of fear that people are judging your posts or your pics. It’s just full-on support and positivity.

I’d definitely recommend it.’


Couldn’t have said it better Sarah – thank you : )


Unfortunately The MAX Experience doors are currently CLOSED.


However, they’re opening very soon and if you don’t already know.


I have some super EXCITING news happening 1 week today!!



For more MAX Experience info:


Click here


If you’d like to join Sarah, Lynne, Nicola and the rest of the Team.


Sign up for FREE to The LDPT Network @ www.ldpt.co.uk and stay tuned.


Lee ‘all about the small wins’ Donald x



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