With Winter on our doorsteps and Christmas around the corner.


It’s a BUSY old time.


It’s can also be pretty DEPRESSING when the dark, rainy days kick in.


So today,


I just wanted to help make your life a little EASIER, your mood better and give you a few cheeky ‘Winter Warmers’.


Prepare to BOOST your happy hormones, ROCK that festive frock aaand save lots of precious time!


From me to you, here are:


Not one but TWO mood boosting, body sculpting MAX Experience workouts you can do anytime anywhere.


The best bit?

– All you need is 10mins!!


Equipment – Nada.

Gym – Not required.

Time – 10mins.


Don’t say I’m not good to you : )


WORKOUT 1 – Full Body Fat Blast



WORKOUT 2 – Cardio Abs



These are all exclusive tasters from my members area – The MAX Experience.


The MAX Experience doors are currently CLOSED.




They’ll be opening soon and I have some rather EXCITING NEWS.


Press Play:



For more info on what The MAX Experience is all about:


Click here:


​If you enjoy these super QUICK and easy to follow workouts then make sure you stay tuned and sign up for FREE to The LDPT Network @ www.ldpt.co.uk


Lee ‘loves giving gifts’ Donald x



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