I hope you had a great weekend.


Last week I blogged about ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ foods and gave you a simple nutrition tip to make achieving your goals much easier and more enjoyable.


Did you try it?

How did you get on?


If you missed it, tap here.


This week, I’m not gonna lie.


I’m a little concerned.


With darker, colder days creeping in along with all the constant uncertainty of our current Covid situation.


I suspect you may be struggling with energy, motivation and likely feeling frustrated with it all right now.


Less day light, bad weather plus added stress for many, means more hiding away indoors, more comfort eating and negative thoughts which…


= Less exercise

= Less endorphins (natural feel good chemical from exercise).

= Less energy

= Less motivation

= Less confidence

= More weight gain

= More chances of having health complications

= More at risk of suffering from depression & anxiety


= More likely to make you feel unhealthy, unhappy and just not in a good place!!




This doesn’t necessarily have to be the case and as always, I’m here to help you the best I can.


So today, I just wanted to share with you some ideas, tips and things to focus on to help keep you on track.


To make sure you take care of yourself especially if you’re Mum or someone who takes care of others.


If you don’t look after No.1.


Nobody else will do it for you.


So here’s those focus points:




1. Let go of sh*t you can’t control.


(this is easier said than done but essential for your happiness and sanity).


2. Do the best with what you have.


3. As bad as life may seem, always try to focus on the positives – even though they may be hard to find (a negative mind will never lead a positive life).


4. Write things down and plan what you can.


5. Communicate with your friends/family and check in on each other regularly.


6. Don’t rely on others to make you happy (you’re responsible for own happiness).


7. Do at least one thing each day you enjoy.


8. Remember life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% how you choose to deal with it.


9. You only fail when you stop trying so don’t give up.


10. You survived all of your ‘worst’ days – you can handle this.




1. Drink enough water (at least 2 litres)


2. Keep active even if it means just walking around your house, garden or work place for 10mins (something is always better than nothing).


3. Tracking your calories is the best way to successful manage and achieve your weightloss goal but if you don’t want to do this, simply aim for 3 meals a day plus 2-3 snacks.


4. Load up on fruit/veg and try get protein in at eat meal.


5. Don’t drink your calories (eg lattes, milkshakes, smoothies).


6. Save the alcohol for weekends only.


7. Get enough sleep.


I hope you find this helpful and seriously….hope you’re ok!


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Lee ‘always got your back’ Donald x



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